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Patrick is rocking solo in the studio today, taking your calls and taking care of business. He talks about his current situation, shirt orders, Overdose, interns, donations and more. But don’t think that means there isn’t any funny. Patrick talks about getting a case of juice sent to him by a listener, and he single-handedly redesigns the NFL and professional football as we know it, including new team names and random team assignment. It’s going to be amazing. There’s also a rant on women and a story about a weirdo teacher in Los Angeles. The last part of the show is pretty much Patrick calling out delusional people, like the guys who does that Independent Podcast Awards shit.





00:00 – Intro
02:04 – Blacks and Valentines
04:41 – Bitches love scrapbooking
06:27 – Little Hugs juice / Patrick’s situation
11:47 – Caller: Emit from Seattle
15:57 – Caller: Chris from El Paso – Shitting on Android / Donations
20:34 – Overdose content / Shipping merch
25:23 – Caller: Holy fuck, it’s Kami! (He used to be a fan)
37:03 – More Overdose talk / Interns
41:22 – SuperBowl / The New NFL
48:08 – God Bless America
53:07 – The previous discussion with Josh
59:28 – Beating Tim Henson / Video: Teacher Takes Bondage Pictures of Kids
65:29 – Shit (blank) Says: New Age Girls, Spanish Girls, White Girls to Black Girls, Fat Girls
71:48 – Caller: Kylan? / Shit Drunk Girls Say / Chain Chomp
77:53 – Independent Podcast Awards
84:51 – Caller: Talk about DMT
86:37 – Searching for the “long list of side effects” video / More podcast talk
90:18 – Send in your dollars for the Dollar Wall!
91:55 – GTA and Hobbes
97:19 – Independent Podcast Awards
104:07 – Caller: Bork
108:57 – Browser Buddy / Amazon Affiliate / HelpNLO / NLO App
112:09 – The OTHER Independent Podcast Awards
118:14 – Outro