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Daniel Radcliffe hosted a charming show which was totally lacking in anything resembling clever political satire. http Like a lot of you out there I spent much of Saturday Night flipping between the Miss America pageant -- which was really, really awful -- and the Patriots Broncos game because my wife and I were curious to see if Jesus would show up at either event which, of course he didn't, because as it turns out he actually pays as much attention to Tim Tebow as he does to beauty pageants in Las Vegas. Nor did he show up in the opening sketch on Saturday Night Live this week where Jason Sudakis played a very uptight and boring version of Mitt Romney who couldn't help himself from firing everthing in site, including his breakfast. But if Jesus had shown up in the scene -- which wouldn't have been a stretch since he was Hilarious on the show a few weeks earlier -- and if Mit Romney had tried to fire Jesus, that would have been funny --unlike the rambling parody of Romney's use of the term fired, which was we were instead given. Otherwise, the show was kind of charming. Danile Radcliffe was a great host, Lana Del Ray sang a couple of very nice songs, and everyone seemed to be having a good time. But the political satire on the show couldn't have been more lame and unforgettable -- not that its lack of quality will prevent MSNBC from playing the Romney sketch over and over again on everything from Hardball to Rachel Madow to the Al Sharpton Blueberry ...