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or Who is Kim Jong-un? When his father, Kim Jong-il, died, Kim Jong-un became North Korea's latest dictator. His grandfather, Kim Il-sung, is still revered all over the isolated communist state, and rumor is that Kim Jong-un had plastic surgery to look more like Kim Il-Sung. Like his grandfather Kim Il-sung, who is known as the "Great Leader," and his father, Kim Jung-il, aka the "Dear Leader," North Korean propaganda claims Kim Jong-un possesses amazing powers. At the age of 3, Kim Jong-un started firing guns and driving cars. He is a poet and a military whiz-kid AND he plays basketball better than the pros. He is now called the Supreme Leader and worshiped by the same cult of personality that previously deified his father and grandfather. The big question is what his succession means for regional peace. Little is know about Kim Jong-un beyond that which is reported by North Korean propaganda. He studied at the International School of Bern, Switzerland until 1998, but under a pseudonym. We probably know more about life on Mars than we do about what goes on in North Korea. Which is scary, because the country has nuclear bombs and the world's fourth-largest army.