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On the second day of the fourth phase of his campaign for Congress in the poll bound Uttar Pradesh All India congress Committee (AICC) General Secretary Rahul Gandhi blamed non-Congress parties for the pathetic conditions in the state. Addressing a public rally at the historic Chauri Chaura, where several freedom fighters were hanged by the British in 1922 during the freedom struggle, the Congress General Secretary asked the people to fight for freedom from the 22 years misrule of the non-Congress Governments in the state. Rahul Gandhi assured that Right to Food is an important step forward to eradicate the evil of hunger in the country and the Congress-led Government at the centre is committed to get the Food Security Bill passed. Rahul Gandhi also said that opposition parties including BSP have been opposing this much needed policy as they do not understand the pain and problems of the poor. "We want no one in this country to go to sleep hungry. This is the intention behind the Right to Food Bill. And the Dalits in the country, who are facing the scarcity of food the most, are going to be largely benefited" said Rahul Gandhi. Taking a jab at Mayawati he continued "But Mayawati, soon after the introduction of the Bill, said that UP will have no use with the Food Security Bill. She herself calls herself a 'Dalit leader' but does not know the real problems of the Dalits and the poor in particular. Had she ever come to you, she would have realized the gravity of the ...