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Hi Power Soldiers Presents "Hood Affiliated Pt. 2" From The Infamous Crime Lab Studios Where Mr. Criminal Sits Behind His Tools And Creates Magic, Comes Mr. Criminal Presents "Hood Affiliated Part 2". On This Cd, Mr. Criminal Has Tracks With Mr. Capone-E, Mr. Silent (For Those Who Been Wanting More Of This Soldier), Stomper, Malow Mac, Lil Sic, Daffy Loko, Ese Script Loc, Wicked, Mr. Conejo, Triggerman, Triste G, And More Hi Power G,z. Coming Out On October 13th. Be Sure To Pick It UP!SUBSCRIBE1. Intro2. I Do It For The Streets3. Down To Ride4. Hood Affiliated Rollcall5. Come Take A Ride (Ft. Mr. Conejo, Script Loc)6. 16 Switches (Ft. Daffy Loco)7. Around Here (Ft. Suga Free, Mr. Silent)8. Raised With Baldheaded Thugs (Ft. C-Los)9. Bozo Call From The Pen (Ft. Bozo)10. Crimes And The Gun (Ft. Lil Cuete)11. All The Homies Roll Deep12. The Arrival (Ft. Mr. Capone-E)13. In Guns I Trust (Ft. Trigger Man)14. My Time To Shine (Ft. C-Los)15. Represent The G Town (Ft. Wicked)16. Im A Real Rider (Ft. Maniak)17. You Don't (Ft. Big Sancho, Lil Lazy)