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The Plum or clinch is an art within an art. Takes just a little time to learn, but a lifetime to master! The Plum isn't just stand up grappling, it's where the Sawk(Elbow) and Kao(Knee) are at their very finest! There are definitely things you want to keep in mind when in the clinch: During the drill Stay on the balls of your feet, using your training partner as your third point of balance. feet slightly greater then shoulder width apart, pointed out like duck feet. Knees slightly bent. Body straight up, but tucked, keep core tight! Hips fairly close, otherwise you're creating space that can be used by your opponent to knee you! As you extend your arm forward remember to keep your shoulder to your chin, or you give your opponent the opening he needs he needs to take the inside. When training with a partner use the long round knee, it conditions the inside of your leg and the partners ribs and leg. When training with a partner don't use the Kao Drong(Straight knee) as you could break your partners ribs. When performed correctly your hands shouldn't leave your partners body, it gives you a "Body Feeling" so without even looking for reference you know what your partners doing. Remember to make it natural and move around so you work foot work. Practice is the only way to perfect this exercise, so use it much! Rok it out! Godspeed, Kru Juice of the Muayman Alliance! Osotogari (大外刈?) is one of the original 40 throws of Judo as developed by Jigoro Kano. It ...