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Part one of two.Play now!Join us as we pay a surprise visit to our friend Toonhead who is home from Virginia visiting his family for Christmas.On this show,The Holiday's in Retail,Toonhead's parents have a new dog and we hear all kinds of funny stories and he also tries to become part of the show.Toonhead and I give our thoughts on the state of radio,Littleflurry gets to go see one of her favorite bands next August,Something we never thought we'd hear,What you should not spill on a radio board,lots of geeky stuffand much much candidradio@gmail.comPart two of our visit will be uploaded as a separate show next week.

[[ with Zman and Littleflurry, what happens when 2 creatively outspoken liberals try to find their way in an uptight ultra-conservative town located in rural IL. Think small town with a church every other block meets George Carlin but with more jokes. This podcast is for mature audiences and shouldn't be considered worksafe. Unless you work at a whorehouse or you have a good set of headphones. Listen to us rant and be a part of our show by calling us at 1-206-203-FUNO]