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Eighteen months after the last album "Behind The Rainbow", both at home and abroad excellent resonances caused, now appears again at Tribal Stomp the successor, "The Path of Love". Again, the project shows around mastermind Joe Weninghoff that knows how to develop further each time, without leaving the line from hypnotictrance with proven strong psychedelic sounds. The woman singing is even more pronounced successful. In addition to last year's discovery Alev Cetinyilmaz, there are the longtime female vocalists Christina Pollmann and Andrea Heukamp. They are joined by Juliane Buker and Mary Craven. A vociferous group of women, therefore, which is also responsible for the majority of the texts.The share of pop, it became clear already at the "Behind the Rainbow", become even slightly larger . Nevertheless, the songs sound spherical, rocky, lively, and are to listen, relax and dream. Rock a la Dream LOVING THE SUN just! To multi-instrumentalist Weninghoff, which is responsible for the compositions, joined by the musicians Marie Craven, Andrea Heukamp, Alfredo Hernandez, Uwe Hasenkox, Marco Platzer and Anke Christoffers. So a large cast. LOVING THE SUN it's once again managed to realize a trance sound soulful album that will surely gain more attention.