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or 21s are a great exercise. The way I like using them is in conjunction with an arm workout where I am using heavy weights with low reps. I will do my whole workout with heavy weights and low reps but then the last 10 minutes I will do 21s. Its a great contrast and it gives you such a hard pump you'll swear your biceps are gonna burst. Thw biggest problem people have is in choosing the right weight, most people use a weight way too heavy and end up doing 15s or 18s instead of 21s. This exercise beats you up, choose the weight you think is right, then use 25% less! I like to do these with an ez-curl bar but if you can use a straight bar without causing elbow or wrist pain, thats fine too. If you want, you could do 21s with dumbbells too. Basically, use whatever you have even if its 5gallon buckets full of water. Take a shoulder width grip with your palms up. Now the only part of our body that is going to move here is our elbows - everything else is stationary. If you have to rock your torso back and forth then you are using too much weight. So heres how we do the 21s 7 reps bottom half 7 reps top half 7 reps full ROM Some form pointers, first use a mirror - stand sideways so you can see what halfway is. The mirror also helps make sure the elbows are motionless pinned against your side. Dont let them move forward and backward. KILLER!!!!! Rest 1-2 minutes and do it again. If you want an additional challenge, do these on a bosu ball. The balance required ...