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At the beginning of Disc 4 you're already given the opportunity to enter the final dungeon right away. And doing so triggers one of the most epic scenes in the game and notable ones in the entire series. Fight Start: 2:42 Fight End: 6:02 *Plot* The group finds out that the entire continent is covered in Mist now and that the Iifa Tree is once again the cause for this. There is now a giant orb above the tree that the group realizes they need to travel into to defeat whatever is causing it. *Spoilers for video* The mysterious orb sends out tons of dragons to take The Invincible. However, the group finds out they have a bunch of airships backing them from both Lindblum and Alexandria. They manage to take out and distract the dragons for Zidane's group to enter the orb. Entering the Orb triggers the boss fight against Nova Dragon. Defeating Nova Dragon allows you to enter Memoria, the games final dungeon. Garland, who was killed by Kuja at the end of Disc 3, is still able to communicate with Zidane only and tells him that memories brought forth this place. *Strategy* While you can enter the final dungeon right now, you'd do well to take on some of the sidequests before hand if you didn't do most of them in Disc 3 before traveling to Terra. The Chocobo sidequest is a huge one that yields tons of great and rare equipment/items that make the final dungeon much easier. It's a somewhat long, but rewarding and arguably fun sidequest. Although if you didn't do as much as you could ...