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This bastard is the hardest boss in the game, and is of course optional. In fact, it's quite time consuming to even be able to get to him. You have to do a majority of the Chocobo sidequest. I debated uploading this after the final boss, but I figured I'll do this now and finish with the final boss. Note: I'm a higher level in this than I will be in the final boss fight, since I recorded this post-game. See stats at the end. What makes him hard is how he chains attacks together. He'll spam Curse on you like there's no tomorrow and then randomly hit you with a Meteor after which may or may not OHKO you. His arsenal is just devastating. I do not recommend taking on Ozma if anyone is under LV50, even under LV60 is tough. Hell, walk into this at LV99 and you can still Game Over rather easily. *Preparing for Ozma* Preparing for this is immensely important. The absolute first thing you'll need to do is the Friendly Monster sidequest. It's a sidequest where you find about 13-14 friendly monsters randomly around the world in certain areas and when you encounter one. You'll want to FAQ it, although you may have already ran into around half of them through regular gameplay. When you do the last one, he'll say you can "reach the round guy now" or something. It means you'll be able to physically attack Ozma with regular attacks. However, that's not the true benefit you get from this. What they don't tell you is that now Ozma's Doosmsday attack will now hit him for 9999 damage instead ...