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Anima K. Khan, Washington DC: AI begins with a set of protocols programmed to initiate a learning process. Not surprisingly, this learning process is modeled on human learning paradigms, specifically those experienced in early childhood. Although the process might vary according to the proposed application of the AI being designed, the basic principles are the same: repetition and reinforcement. Psychologist Dr. Imran Riaz says that though this process is similar to the human learning process, memory might be one barrier AI developers might not be able to cross. A conversation with Alan and Hal, two AIs being programmed by AI Research in Tel Aviv shows both tremendous progress in this field, as well as the hurdles programmers continue to face. Jack Dunietz, founder of AI Research is optimistic. Dr. Aha speaks about how a less intuitive, more procedural model of AI is being developed to bring greater smarts to the Internet, and video games.