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Anima K. Khan, Washington DC:This series of reports examines how the rapid pace of technological advancement has made it possible for a familiar character from science fiction literature and films to cross into our lives: The sentient machine or Artificial Intelligence. In this part: Artificial Intelligence, as a concept, has enthralled scientists for decades. The idea that machines might one day parallel or even exceed the parameters of human intelligence has caused no small amount of speculation, leading to sketches of both utopian and dystopian futures. But AI is already present in our daily lives in many forms. This first segment takes a look at that various masks 'smart' machines, and the Internet, might wear- and some attempts to integrate AI with robotics. Quantum physicist Dr. Phil Johnson speaks about how new discoveries and inventions continue to reshape and redefine the boundaries of what we think is possible. AI developer Dr. David Aha provides a glimpse of some surprising uses of AI in our daily lives.