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Gallup: Obama Job Approval 44% - 48% Congressional Job Approval 13% - 82% Republican Nomination Gingrich 33% - Romney 23% Iowa Caucus is on its way, seven candidates remain. Who could take the mantle of the Republican nomination? Well we have six rotten eggs long past their time. Each candidate agrees with the cult leader Ron Perot. Each candidate thinks they could be Ronald Reagan. Look at Frank Lee and the Officially Last Place Candidate (OLPC). Although they mention the middle class, The Flipper makes it known that he can bet a $10k bet with the Tin Foil Cowboy over a known flip-flop. Gaffe Fly is pretty much on her high game, but still stumbles on fact-checking her sources. Frank Lee knocks The Flipper on making his "career politician" jab. Each egg is broken. Not even good to make an omelet. Just enough for a sloppy tasting egg nog! Thanks for viewing. Visit my official blogs at http or . You can follow me at on Facebook at