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Monckton has responded to my catelogue of his errors, on the website It includes an extraordinary reversal of position on most of them, including an outright denial of what he said (needless to say, I have video tape of him saying it.) SOURCES: Monckton response at: Monckton's non-peer-reviewed opinion piece on Forum on Physics and Society discussed in: Monckton Bunkum 1 -- Global cooling and melting ice Monckton's global cooling graphs: 2:35 -- Monckton Refutes Abraham: Part 10: NCDC Graphs Melting of Greenland ice cap: Arctic ice loss: Snowball Earth: No correlation between CO2 and temp: "Monckton Bunkum 3 -- CORRELATION AND HIMALAYAN GLACIERS" Monckton's claim on no retreat of glaciers: Monckton's claims about forcing: MONCKTON BUNKUM 2 -- SENSITIVITY Monckton's claim about Dr. Pinker's paper: "Monckton Bunkum 3 -- CORRELATION AND HIMALAYAN GLACIERS" Monckton's misquotes: "Monckton Bunkum 4 -- QUOTES AND MISQUOTES" Instances of Monckton getting peer-reviewed papers wrong: Scafetta and West: Johannessen: Sami Solanki: Monckton's claim that warming planets point to sun: "Apocalypse No!" -- film by Christopher Monckton, 2007 Quotes attributed to International Astronomical Union: 16:27 "Monckton Bunkum 5-- WHAT ...