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or What is the number one thing I look for in a camera? It rhymes with external microphone input. If you don't have one, your videos will "seem" bad. And for some rotten reason, very few camera manufacturers except Canon put external mic inputs on cameras that cost less than $600. This under $175 camera has one. And it works great. Now the next thing about the Kodak Zi8 is, it is super easy to use, very flexible and it looks like a BlackBerry which is pretty cool! Here's the great thing. The quality. It blows away the Flip. I'd say, it is easily four times better. What I also love about it, is it stores and saves in QuickTime format. It'll record in 1080P, 720P that's at 60 frames, so you can actually record sports. It has image stabilization built in. More details can be found at