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or If you are getting started with your lawn care business you are probably undecided about which equipment to buy. You are probably struggling with the differences between buying commercial quality equipment and residential quality equipment that you can purchase at a retail store or big box hardware store. The purchase of a backpack leaf blower is a great example of the differences in price vs. quality. A commercial quality backpack blower can easily cost from $400 to $600 while a residential quality leaf blower can be purchased for $100 to $150. Though a commercial quality leaf blower might cost $500 more than a residential quality leaf blower, the amount of work you can accomplish with a commercial leaf blower is far above what you can accomplish with a lower quality residential leaf blower. Greater airflow output, faster nozzle velocity, greater durability, and longer lifespan will make a big difference in your return on investment in your lawn care business especially if you are making money raking leaves and performing autumn leaf cleanup jobs. Quite honestly, I am an advocate of purchasing commercial quality lawn care equipment if your lawn care business can afford the extra cost. Our lawn care business program includes an equipment buyer's guidebook that will help you with your equipment purchasing decisions. Whether you are buying new or used, commercial or residential lawn care equipment our buyer's guide will help you make the right ...