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Finance and romance all part of our spiritual awakenings, driven bonkers in our youth and then if fortune smiles, many people continue their growth in balance. All or nothing finance and romance and drink was not good for me and misunderstanding life and especially love. Today it is simple learning to love, be loved and useful, without conditions and unfolding in the moment, with no fear. Faith carries me today... Each of us comes to an understanding about the spiritual life. I try to keep it simple and spiritual is living and coping with what is going on today. For a long time my outlook was made difficult by my drinking and I could not cope at all at the end, spiritual hell. Today I cope with reality, good, bad or simply a balance of both, asking for help in the moment... Your spiritual is always working for you... DonInLondon 2005-2010 December 2 2010 ~ Serenity for me is contingent on my spiritual condition. Coping with the way life is today and understanding the choices I have given my life situation. Knowing and experiencing my feelings as they change and life changes. Balance or extremes, in the moment and living life, to love, be loved and useful today... December 2 2010 ~ Spiritual awakening in recovery? I have learned over the years that my spiritual awakening is continuous. We are always on our spiritual path in life. Today my ability to experience serenity is improved with each day sober. It is not about right or wrong, happy or sad, spiritual is being in ...