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Please take the time to read the video description. First there are two ways you can earn money on YouTube. One is through the Youtube Account Montetization Program and the other is through their Partner Program. Each pay differently First this is the basics of the monetization program. It is currently by invite only and to trigger the invite usually requires getting a few hundred views on your videos on a regular basis. You will get a notice in your email or on the front page YouTube inviting you to earn revenue from your video. First and foremost remember that this invite is automated and it does not mean that your videos will be approved for monetization. Second of all it requires that you have an adsense account. For the love of Vegeta's pink shirt do NOT attempt to create an Adsense account until you are prompted to do so by YouTube. Furthermore you MUST be 18 years or older and live in one of the following countries. When applying for the adsense account use your YouTube channel as your URL such as Notice that I removed the from that. There have been a few cases where adsense will reject an applicant for domain ownership. If that happens fill out this form https Going through the steps of setting up account monetization you can track your progress here Many times the final step is an email from YouTube telling you to wait 48 hours for a response from Adsense. Due to a current backlog on ...