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The ongoing leadership crisis in Europe is proving to be an unexpected source of inspiration for a Dutch painter of modern art. As the Eurozone leaders again battle to save the euro, Ilse Wielage is finishing her painting of ejected Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi. It's called Bubblesconi. Quote 'full of emptiness' Ilse Wielage works from a studio near Maastricht, the Dutch city where EU leaders twenty years ago agreed to create the single currency. She underlines that Bubblesconi is not a critique; she likes to see it as a registration of reality. Quote 'not a critique' Ilse has a background as a medical illustrator. With these skills in hand, she moved on to start producing works that are more socially engaged. Quote Background Oil spills The first political portrait she made was of Libyan leader Muamer Khadaffi. Berlusconi then followed. Her current project is a portrait of German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Quote The Dutch painter already has plans for the next political portrait. Once Angela Merkel has been completed, she plans to start on French President Nicolas Sarkozy. All portraits of political leaders living in their own reality.