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This package is about a Muslim female weightlifter Kulsoom Abdullah whose appeal to compete at the US Weight Lifting Nationals dressed in Hijab and loose fitted full body clothings was accepted by the International Weightlifting Federation. Kulsoom's similar appeal had been rejected by the US Weightlifting Federation earlier at the pretext of the rules of the international body. This change in the international rules to accommodate the fully covered female weight lifters has stirred some criticism too. US Women national champion Kelly Williams criticizes the decision citing her concerns about the misuse of the full body covering for the undue advantage. However a fellow weightlifter Robert Hall terms it as a very good decision for enabling more women and their origin countries to think about participating in weightlifting. Kulsoom Abdullah says that it is outside the gym usually that people are more surprised to see her covered. Wearing a green shirt with Pakistan's flag printed on it Kulsoom said in answer to a question that she would love to compete wearing a similarly printed dress if some Pakistani designer designs it for her.