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Advant Wreath reprsents the Big White Middle Candle = Christ Jesus + Four professions or Varnas. In this Dark Age, the Rabbis or Brahmins become hypocrites and they start fleecing the simpleton Disciples who do what their Rabbi tells them to do. So, this Candle of Rabbis is Black because their hearts are black and not white as they used to be. Thus, the ONCE-BORN people of SHOODAR VARN who serve others is Red Candle as they go by tit-for-tat laws of the natural man. The candle of the twice-born people who are doubting need to be humble in order to acquire spiritual knowledge is YELLOW. The twice-born who are sealed to serve God or led by holy ghost, the colour of the candle is Blue whilst of the Rabbinic or of the Brahmin propfession, who become hypocrites is BLACK that need cleansing the most. Samaritan village Rabbis being of clean-hearted spirit, their Candles were still WHITE as that of Christ Jesus. That is why the Gentile did not need Christ Jesus but they became great Apostles. Messianic Jews killed the Gentile Apostles by throwing them before the animals creating Darkness greater than before= Matt.12.v43-45. More in my other Videos.