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Fight Start: 1:02 Fight End: 6:15 After waltzing through the dungeon, you are put up in a string of boss fights that finish up this disc. They are all in a row and you can't heal in between, so prepare well. *Plot* Not much plot wise has happened since the last video. Nothing of note happens in the dungeon and everything else you'll see in this video. *Strategy* You get to choose the party fully for these fights (except Zidane you can't switch out). So go in with whomever you like. If you got Shock for Steiner like I did, that's almost always guaranteed 9999 damage (at the price of about 46MP per use). If you have Dragon's Crest for Freya and slayed tons of dragons, it does fixed damage based on how many dragons you killed. If you killed 100 of them, you'll do 9999 damage all the time with it no matter what. Vivi is great for this, Blizzaga/Flare/Meteor can all do around 5000 at my level pretty easily. Zidane with a strong weapon can do 3k-4k damage per hit. Eiko CAN use Holy, but she's better off healing most of the time. Both fights can be sort of hard if you don't know the tricks to make them trivial. The Silver Dragon uses Wind type moves, so equip Wind resisting armor and you'll be fine. Remember Ribbon you got for Eiko automatically? That absorbs Wind (and Water). Then just equip armor on the rest that either nullifies it or halves it. His Twister is his scariest move, but if at least two people have resistance to it in some way, you're good. As for Garland, he's ...