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or - Privacy advocates have been pointing out various failures of Facebook in the area of privacy for years. Facebook, which is currently the largest social network on the Web with enough users to fill a large country, has been struggling with glitches that expose private chats, an interface that's hard for the average user to navigate intuitively, and various other shortcomings that make maintaining privacy difficult for the user. Enter Diaspora, a more open platform with a stronger emphasis on privacy. It's difficult to imagine that even with the best intentions, any social network could succeed at this point if its aim is to replace Facebook rather than coexist with it. You might compare the challenge to an Apple of the mid '90s attempting to steal enterprise market share from Microsoft. While the intentions may be just, it's a tall mountain to climb. In this video, Chris Pirillo discusses what Diaspora is and the challenges that are ahead for the up and coming social network. You can watch the entire episode of TLDR here