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or - A question was asked by a member of our community regarding whether or not sites like http is safe to use. The idea of managing your finances on a third-party website can be unnerving, especially after all the reports of cyber crime and loss of personal information you hear about on the news. Mint, like Quicken, is a personal financial tracking and management service based in the cloud. Unlike Quicken, Mint requires that you enter all of your personal information including your username and password to access your financial institution's site. This information is used to pull data from your bank and store it on their servers. Quicken, on the other hand, takes only the information you make available to it. Is safe? Like any cloud service, you should approach it with an understanding that nothing is absolutely secure. Mint takes steps to maintain a secure connection, and they undoubtedly have plenty of walls between the open world and your data, but that doesn't mean someone won't eventually find a way to gain access. To be fair, it's not like an actual bank has a perfect and impenetrable force field around your data, either. You can watch the entire episode of TLDR here: