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Now on DVD! It's a fearful heart that builds a wall and it is a fearless heart that can live without it," observes Tilda Swinton in THE INVISIBLE FRAME. In 1988 director Cynthia Beatt and the young Tilda Swinton embarked on a filmic journey (CYCLING THE FRAME) along the Berlin Wall into little-known territory. Over 20 years later, Beatt and Swinton reteamed to retrace the entire 160 km line of the Wall that once isolated Berlin. THE INVISIBLE FRAME depicts this poetic passage through varied landscapes, this time on both sides of the former Wall. Complemented by recitations of works by writers Robert Louis Stevenson, William Butler Yeats and Anna Akhmatova and a soundscape by musician Simon Fisher Turner who collaborated with director Derek Jarman and Tilda Swinton in the 1980′s, THE INVISIBLE FRAME brings a meditative and philosophical approach to tracing a Wall which once divided people, families and a nation and now lingers as an invisible "ghost wall."