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Punjabi - Israel Fahrishhta was John, the Baptist who would not spare the bad characters but Friend of sons of Abraham -1. There were Four Prophets in this Dark Age; Two in the Middle East and Two in the East. John, the Baptist, an Angel who killed the bad characters and the Tares, unfaithful to Abraham people but He was a helping Friend of the sons of Abram or the Salt of the earth people. Here in Punjabi are the verses:- This Shabad is by SatGuru Arjan Dev Ji in Raag Gauree on Pannaa 315 pauVI 5 ] pourree 5 || Pauree, Fifth Mehla: lY Pwhy rwqI qurih pRBu jwxY pRwxI ] lai faahae raathee thurehi prabh jaanai praanee || They take the noose in their hands, and go out at night to strangle others, but God knows everything, O mortal. qkih nwir prweIAw luik AMdir TwxI ] thakehi naar paraaeeaa luk a(n)dhar t(h)aanee || They spy on other men's women, concealed in their hiding places. sMn@I dyin@ ivKMm Qwie imTw mdu mwxI ] sa(n)nhee dhaenih vikha(n)m thhaae mit(h)aa madh maanee || They break into well-protected places, and revel in sweet wine. krmI Awpo AwpxI Awpy pCuqwxI ] karamee aapo aapanee aapae pashhuthaanee || But they shall come to regret their actions - they create their own karma. AjrweIlu Prysqw iql pIVy GwxI ]27] ajaraaeel faraesathaa thil peerrae ghaanee ||27|| Azraa-eel, the Angel of Death, shall crush them like sesame seeds in the oil-press. ||27||