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Okay, give me a break. This song was hard, and it was my first time singing it at karaoke. Whatever. I love the song, and it has personal meaning for me (as ypu can hear from my speech). I want to dedicate this song to Lisa Lambe of Celtic Woman. I just think the lyrics describe her perfectly. She's only been with the group for a year, and I haven't gotten to meet her yet, but wow, she has really inspired me, and she has changed my life. She's gotten me through some tough times, and when I hear her sing, read the tweets she's sent me, or even just look at her picture, I feel like everything's gonna be okay. I really meant what I was singing. There were points in the song I felt like I was gonna cry, because Lisa has really touched a special place in my heart. Thanks Lil' Lambe! Oh, and btw, yes, I am a Miley Cyrus fan! :)