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or You would think that if a bicyclist hit a pedestrian and the pedestrian got hurt, the pedestrian would turn around and sue the careless biker. Well...not in New York City. Instead, this bicyclist is suing the pedestrian for walking into the bike path and causing the bike rider to fall and suffer "back and neck injuries." Ironically, the pedestrian suffered a shattered elbow when hit by bike rider. So what's really going on here? The New York Post reported in the Sunday paper November 28, 2011 that a triathlete was biking on the bike path in Central Park. A woman, an attorney, was walking along the road and somehow walked into the bike path. The article didn't explain for how long the attorney was walking in the bike path or why she was there to begin with. Nor did the article explain why the bike rider didn't see the attorney walking along the path. Instead, it focused on the bicycle rider suing the lawyer for walking in a designated bike path, causing the collision. What made this interesting is that both the biker and the pedestrian have an obligation to be aware of their surroundings. Watch the video to learn why both women may be partially responsible for this accident. Find out who may have been careless; the bike rider and the pedestrian.Watch the video to learn more. To learn even more about how negligence and medical malpractice cases work in NY, I urge you to explore my educational website If you have legal questions pick ...