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War of Angels Lion Claws Appreciation Day, December 10, 2011 A top secret unit sent to train indigenous fighters in the mountains of Afghanistan has gone missing. Call sign LionClaws, the special unit hasn't been heard from for three days. Team LionClaws's initial mission was to link up with indigenous Afghan fighters. There are two special units engaged in a good-will military exercise in the mountraineous terrain where team LionClaws disappeared. Team Omega, a Russian-trained special unit and a US-trained Team Alpha, have each received orders from its respective command to track down Team LionClaws. Due to the secretive nature of this mission, teams Omega and Alpha will break off from their 'friendly' exercise and focus on the mission at hand. Additional mission intel will be dispatched upon arrival at the AO. Many OLCMSS fighters have fought alongside the LC Angels. Now you have a chance to support your favorite Angel Team to achieve its mission. Team Omega consists of LC Angels Ksenia, Anya and Olga Team Alpha consists of LC Angels Amy, Lisa and Tiffany (or Sierra) Afghan unit consists of a surprise VIP Where does your loyalty lay? AO: Camp Jubilee, Hesperia, CA Theme:War of Angels - Russia vs. USA Russian Line Up: Angel Team Omega Russian Camo (Woodland BDU or Tiger Stripe OK, NO desert colors) US Line Up: Angel Team Alpha ACU Afghan Tribes Haji Wear General Registration for LCAD, December 10, 2011 It is the ATTENDEE's responsibility to read all updates in the ...