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Original Video.Lyrics:--CHORUS--It's a land of adventure and mysteryFrom the depths of the dungeons to the deep blue seasWhere people come together with one common goalTo be the best there ever was, a quest to gain controlFrom the holy Entrana to the gates of Varrock,There's an unfolding story that will never stopIt's up to you to find out what happens nextYou were born to do this, this is your test--VERSE 1:--An underlying story, one yet to be toldFrom the struggles of the Elven peopleTo the Chaos Tunnels of "What Lies Below"A War of the GodsZamorak versus Bandos, Bandos versus SaraAnd Armadyl takes flight against ZarosThe battle goes on in a war-zone eraWill Guthix make peace to stop all the hatred?It's your job to find out before more blood is shedYou were born to do this, This is your callSo gear up and prepare to stand tall--TO CHORUS----VERSE 2:--The shades of Mort'ton, relentless sufferingThe plague in Ardougne, what story will it bring?The giant beast that lies beneath FaladorTo the tales of the fairies,Only you know what lies in storeThe experiments of FrankenstrainThere's a "Priest in Peril" on the wayAnd a monkey's gone madWhat knowledge will you try to obtain?It's your job and your duty to cut off all the dismayYou were born to do thisNow save the day--TO CHORUS x2--