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☛ Conscious capitalists are fully aware that they're continually causing the death of workers worldwide--and do so deliberately and with premeditation. These capitalist murders are "sanitized" by bought-and-paid-for press and political-economic stooges to make them appear inadvertent and unintended. So it's necessary to expose these crimes for what they are: capitalists deliberately and consciously murdering workers! Before we had "radicals for capitalism" there were "radicals against capitalism." Ever wonder why only one of them flourished while the other was driven into extinction? We must wake up to the fact that the demonic capitalist cabal ruling the world is now murdering workers worldwide. Unlike freedom fighters during the second world war who were able to escape to America, we have no country in which to seek asylum because the cabal has seized power in almost every country throughout the world. Only if enough people awaken to their plight and join with others in defeating this evil force will we survive. Capitalism: Just Another Radical Religion ☠ : America is Doomed : Capitalists are murdering workers through unemployment, income inequality, tax dodges, currency inflation, globalism, fascism, war-profiteering wars, and billion dollar bailouts for the rich. Capitalists are pretending to reduce the deficit--targeting the elderly and poor by cutting $38 billion in what it calls "entitlements"--while ...