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YAY!!! Add a new game series to list. Over the years, I've gotten a lot of Sonic requests and despite never doing a Sonic walkthrough, Sonic Generations had a ton of requests so this is a short game and I figure I can cover it in about 10 parts and what a better way to dip into the Sonic series than a game celebrating 20 years of Sonic. I kept my notes at the beginning brief but just a few things that need pointed out. One, I'm not a great Sonic player, I have not played a lot of Sonic in my days and most of my Sonic playing is with the newer games which weren't really that good to begin with, so pardon my lack of Sonic knowledge but this isn't really my domain. However, I am fairly prepared for this walkthrough on this particular game based on the information that exists which is very little so I know the levels pretty well. In addition, the annotation map is at the beginning for your convenience, if you're looking for a particular stage. Otherwise I have a playlist if you want to watch them in order, those will all be updated as I upload. I know people are going to ask me if it's worth getting this game so here's my opinion. (FYI these opinions are only for the 3DS version, I don't know about the other versions.) Sonic Gen is easily the best Sonic Game that I've played that has come out in recent times so from my experience, I say if you enjoy the Sonic games, it's a must. If you're not a big fan of Sonic, it might be a good game to try because it does showcase a lot of ...