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---READ BELOW PLEASE AND THANKS--- PLOTLINE: A 13 year old is the principal of Just Fresh high school. He is in it with his friends, enemies, and acquaintances. How can such a childish, down-right nasty 13 year old run a school. Is he all that nasty? Is he all that childish? Watch the series to laugh and learn! Watch on BlipTV: ATTENTION: This is a new series and this is just the pilot episode, I would LOVE to hear your opinion on the basic idea of the series in the comments below, what is good/bad, if you want this to continue into a full on web series, what you liked a lot about it, what it needs more of, etc etc etc! Please let me know! Also let me know if you want this to be a full web series! Also, if you do like this pilot and the series idea etc. Make sure to share it with your friends, family, and more on twitter, facebook, google plus, and all of your social networking websites, because the more views it has, the better chance this has in becoming a full series! Also, don't forget to like this video, and favorite it! Because ratings also count towards our decision in making it a series or not! Thanks, Harrison and the Just Fresh Cast and Crew Just Fresh High on Facebook: BEHIND THE SCENES OF SHOOTING THE JFHS Pilot: Day 1: Day 2: OTHER LINKS: Harrison: http