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Law binds whilst Religion as initiated by Christ Jesus sets you Free. OXFORD CONFERENCE ON LAW AND RELIGION Many renowned figures appeared and they were discussing in general terms how the minorities are suffering. I had a chance to question and told them that Christ Jesus came to set us Free of the clutches of the Temple Priests and this he made it crystal clear by tearing the curtain of the Holiest of Holy from top to bottom that from now on, you make a direct approach to God through His Word. That is why in Christ Jesus, every one is to give his own account to God and this clearly speaks of the FREEDOM that Christ Jesus bought for us by giving His Sacrifice as the Lamb of God, a redemption charge paid by Him to set us free from the sins but to put us in the care of Righteousness. No more slaves to sins and the old rituals but to the Truth and Righteousness. But the arid spirits, the defunct Temple Priests especially of the Judah tribe were not happy with their sacking from the Temple and so they entered into the Church of God by jumping over the walls and with them they brought the old Jewish Leaven, the Torah, the deadly poison to the New Wine or Gospel. The Messianic Jews made to Apostles run away from the Churches and established their shops as they had in the Temple. They being psychic lured their customers and pocketed Emperor Constantine. With the help of Romans, they killed the Monks pointing fingers at them. So, no more Freedom but a slavery worst than that ...