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John, the Baptist was the Arch Godfather Angel of Israel. The Holy Book of the Sikhs called Ad-Granth mentions the name of Israel Angel called Fahrishta many a times but there is no mention of the name of Jesus. This is because Satguru Nanak Dev Ji Himself was Christ Jesus. Such things are not known to common man as they read Books to gain this knowledge that you receive through logical reasoning. People capable of logical reasoning are mostly not interested in this subject and they leave it to the men of Letters or the arts people who love reading Books. How many Books have I read giving you information not written in ink on paper? Gospel is received by those who seek or have longing for. What is happening in the world, is all written in the Bible but you need to be twice born or a living in spirit. First know that Rabbis, Sadducees had Disciples who obeyed them to the very letter whilst in Christ Jesus we have Labourers capable of entering into the Vineyard of our Father where the True Vine Christ Jesus is planted. Jesus was not a hireling as the Temple Priests were or these Dog-Collared people are. So, anyone who takes money in the name of Christ Jesus, he is anti Christ blind guide of the blind. In Jesus, we have Fellowship of Freemen. People give their own accounts to God. These Priests cannot give your account to God.