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Oxford Councillor Dick Wolff, who also is a Hireling Priest in a Church. BIG FISH CAUGHT AT OXFORD -- A REV'D AND A COUNCILLOR. Today, I went to Oxford and met a Rev'd who was the city councillor too. I told him, you cannot stand between man and God as Christ Jesus tore the Curtain of the Holiest of Holy through His own Sacrifice as the Lamb of God. Anyone who stands between man and God is an anti Christ. But there are so many antichrists these days and they do not appreciate that if you have to enter into the Royal Kingdom of God through the Narrow Gate, you need to be solitary as Jesus Himself was solitary and requested His Labourers to be solitary. It was the philosophical love of His Word that bound them as the super glue. When asked for the test of a twice-born, he had no idea. Then I explained to him that when a person is born, he does not do so according to his own will but by the Will of our Father. When you know this basic fact, then you do not hate anyone for their country of origin but love devine Agape. When he understood the test, then he promised to preach in his Church. He is going to baptise a baby tomorrow. No sense at all but to please people as he is employed by the people and not pre-destined by our Father. As a Councillor, he must be doing favour to people for the sake of votes and that means doing unrighteous jobs of Satan or Mammon. Politicians are mostly hypocrites as they are psychic studying the minds of people. Politicians cannot speak the ...