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or Snowboarding is now bigger than ever, firmly established in mainstream culture. Snowboarders have become household names and and popularity of snowboarding has surpassed the more traditional winter sports. Most mainstream attention has, up until now, been focused only on a small part of snowboarding -- the Halfpipe -- leaving out Slopestyle, which is often more accessible to the general snowboarder population. With Slopestyle's inclusion in the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics the format is receiving more attention than ever before, so lets take a look at what slopestyle really is, where it came from and what it takes to succeed. Slopestyle has evolved into a unique format where riders compete to get the highest score over a range of obstacles. This usually includes a range of jumps, rails and boxes. Courses are unique to each event. From slopestyles humble roots, a new breed of snowboarding athletes has risen - through intensive training, riders have learned what it takes to become successful at this ever changing format. With over 300 organized TTR Slopestyle events worldwide, a dedicated Slopestyle ranking and the inclusion in 2014 Winter Olympics, Slopestyle riders are finally set to get the recognition they deserve on a world stage.