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Just because you are good at something does not mean you should. We can become excellent in many roles in life; it does not mean it is good for us or even the path we should take. Sometimes necessity drives us, nature and providence, economy and need. Freedom of choice takes time and need be based on reality, not fantasy. Spiritual is reality and living it, fantasy is often based on superstition, dreams and fear that reality cannot live up to our expectations today... If you ask for help, I can suggest and support but not instruct. If I ask for help, listen and make better choices I learn and grow. I need enough fear to keep safe, enough faith to broaden my experience. And sometimes learning is at the extremes of feeling and often more helpful when there is a balance in feelings and experiences. When we take it to the limit all the time, we can break and some never recover to live a life again... What may get in the way of my emotional and spiritual growth? Not knowing what emotional and spiritual growth means to me, because for years it was going on, limited by my outlook and starved by my lack of understanding. Today I realise it is so simple I could not see it. To live open, honest and willing, to learn what my feelings are right now and cope with the situation I am having today... Emotional ~ a conscious mental reaction (as anger or fear) experienced as strong feeling usually directed toward a specific incident causing physiological and behavioural changes in the body ...