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When writing a life story as part of step 4 in the fellowship, I needed to write down where life worked and where life broke down. As a result I needed to really accept my part in all matters. This made possible the transition from not blaming the world or me, and still accepting consequences and making amends for the past and immediate amends today. To love, be loved and useful, cherishing life today... Working with what works to be sober today. Back in the day I thought I knew better, and I did judge the world and everyone in it "As Don saw it." Today, the more I know, the less I know. It is a good day when I know what makes me tick, and it's even better now I don't know what makes anyone else tick. If I have to learn what works for me, I need learn what works for you; assumptions are resentments under construction... I guess I may be described as a Big Book enthusiast, and also a 12&12 is where I get even more help learning life today. I don't mind what people think, its what works daily and keeps me fitter than otherwise. I would not want to be a dry drunk today... DonInLondon 2005-2010 November 24 2010 ~ Emotional, spiritual and physical, sober today. Sober is the priority so I may experience reality as it is right now. Emotional being: knowing how I am feeling right now, why, and what to do. Spiritual being: connected to reality right now and present. The universal search for truth, love and wisdom, we find it in the moment of now... November 24 2010 ~ I can share ...