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We are at a crossroads. Access to jobs, homes and resources are dwindling. Our right to peacefully gather to discuss what to do about it is aggressively being fought by nationwide police coordination. It is a decisive moment on this planet. One option is to keep being occupied with our daily grind and individual struggles. Or we can take control of our collective destiny and design a future worth living. Worth waking up in the morning for. Worth defending. Worth birthing new life into. This movement is not centrally controlled which is what makes it yours. You create it. You bring your talents, your time and your resources. This is the platform for our Big Ideas. This is the place to find challenges worthy of your passion. Worthy of your life. What is our one demand? You. With strength in numbers there is no limit to what we can do. We need to continue to occupy Wall st. Occupy your street. Occupy this country. Occupy our world. Occupy our future. Occupy Now. Please forward this message & video: PARTIAL CREDITS: (For questions or additions to credits please message me or comment.) Intro song: Black Taxi - Battle of Yonkers (get your war paint on) Second song: Dan Deacon - Slow With Horns www.dandeacon APPEARANCES Max Keiser, George Carlin