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1. SIGN THE PETITION: 2. Call Gov. Cuomo who has the ability to remove Bloomberg and make your case why he should do so. Let his office know if you'll vote for him every again for any office. Bring your passion, appeal the their humanity. Don't expect they know what happened. Inform them. (518) 474-8390 3. Join the facebook. 4. Repost this video and talk about this with people you know. 5. Tell Bloomberg what you think in the comments of his facebook. 6. Follow Captain Ray Lewis on Twitter: so you can keep up and retweet what's important. 7. Mail a letter or piece of art that expresses your response to Governor Cuomo. Document and post online what you mail. The Honorable Andrew M. Cuomo Governor of New York State NYS State Capitol Building Albany, NY 12224 8. Don't give up on what we know is possible, a peaceful, loving, constantly improving world. It's all one step at a time. PARTIAL CREDITS: Song is Snookered by Dan Deacon Appearance by Retired Philadelphia Police Captain Ray Lewis Footage from NYCwallst livestream account QUOTES: Edited by: PHOTO