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11/12/2011 - OKC, OK -- Take a close look at the video below ... A single mom living off South Robinson Ave. reports that the man in that video is acting in a suspicious manner and preying on young girls in the area. Back in September became aware of a blue Cadillac driven by a black male that was reportedly lurking about in areas frequented by children - specifically the Capitol Hill library, a daycare facility, an elementary school and a neighborhood park. A single mother living in the area alleges that she confronted the man after he approached her daughter and offered to pay her to take photos of her. Going so far as to tell her the money would help her mother out. The mother also confirmed that she often see's the Cadillac at the Capitol Hill library and that she has even seen him consorting with kids who were there after school. The mom says she reported his activities to the library, but they claimed until he did something illegal there was nothing they could do. Oklahoma own Video Vigilante Brian Bates did some investigating and learned the man driving the Cadillac is Randy Ray Jones, 48. Bates also learned that Jones is no stranger to law enforcement. According to public records, Jones is a convicted felon. In 1986 he was convicted of two counts of burglary. In 1993 he was convicted of selling drugs out of his vehicle. More disturbing is the fact that in 2010 her was charged with rape in the first degree, rape in the second degree and forcible oral ...