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Warren Pollock, wepollock : The MF Global Trustee (on alleged-rumored urging by the Department of Justice and the SIPC) seeks via court motions to exclude customers from representation in the Bankruptcy Process. Customers, in the form of the customer coalition want to cross balance sheets towards the entities who stole their money (including the CME, Corzine, JPM, Bank of America et al) while the establishment wants to wind this thing down by creating a firewall. A discussion Bloomberg's Charlie Rose had with Iran's High Councils Lrijani was surreal as he tried to sell Propagandist Brand of reality against the stark reality of both history and fact. Larijani from Iran was more accurate about trends regarding the endpoint of the Arab Spring which should move a great part of the world closer to Theocratic rule. As long as we are talking Charlie Rose, we have to mention Thomas Friedman, and Paul Krugman both of whom are equally guilty of selective and biased perceptions that become mainstream propaganda and dogma. I then move onto tidbits such as 4M dollar fundraiser puts you into office by a blind guy to fill Hillary's seat; refuses to make an appointments with her constituents, fake NYC terror plots by the security state terror industrial complex, and a stranded blue fin Tuna now property of Japan via the confiscation happy Federal government.