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LEVELS OF CONTROL IN THE SYSTEM you will see 3 tools in the 5 levels of the system below to keep and make you think like the father of this world system. A)flesh B)world C)pride 1)level 1---------- THE MASSES ARE CONTROLLED BY THE MEDIA AND ENTERTAINMENT A)the flesh and the old man 2)level 2-------- politics, RELIGION, EDUCATION & SCHOOL SYSTEMS. CAREER STUDIES, ISM'S, {ranks, grades, levels, ratings, positions} ------------ B)false hope for the future to make you want more world(stuff,comfort and travel) C)phd master degrees to be someone high in the system this is the pride of life they use to keep you working hard to get up on the level and ranks in the system (THIS LEVEL HAS LOST CONTROL THAT'S WHY THE OCCUPY WALL STREET MOVEMENT STARTED THE FUTURE LOOKED DARK TO THE YOUNGER CROWD and the middle class SO THEY STARTED OCCUPY) 3)level 3 ---------------------- DATA MINING & keeping you in fear and worry, but it feels like a police state, because they have to get more data points to play the game better, the more data points the better the game of predictive markets, and you are like a chess piece to them on the grand board game of life. 4)level 4----------------------- PREDICTIVE PROGRAMING & PREDICTIVE MARKETS (see iowa electronic markets) 5)level 5--------------------------- to KEEP YOU HELL BOUND and IN THE FLESH AND NOT WALKING after THE SPIRIT BUT IN GREED ANGER WRATH COVETOUSNESS all the romans 5:19 vices controlling you. TO MAKE YOU MORE a CHILD OF THE DEVIL BY ...