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Outstanding ability to be stubborn and defiant? I was and really did not know, I thought I was simply determined and tenacious, not a quitter and able to keep on going when others would give up. Served me well I thought in matters of romance, finance and work... just because I was good at many ways of living, it did not mean those ways of life were right for me. Today I learn what is good for me sober today... Alcohol was my best friend for a long, long time helping me to live with all aspects of life. At least I thought so back in the day. Happy me, pour me a drink, poor me and pour myself a drink. In company we fixed ourselves with a drink, took the edge off and then so often took our clothes off too... Tall and short stories of times past. Today, now my feelings fit the reality I am living, no more taking the edge off, I know when to keep my clothes on and take them off in the right place with the right person and at the right time... Progress not protection, one lay no one day at a time... DonInLondon 2005-2010 November 18 2010 ~ Why me... Why not me? Daily life was tough back then in the grip of alcohol and today it is still tough. I smile when writing these words and then feel happier knowing exactly what is going on for me, how I am feeling, why and what I can and cannot do. The difference? Truth, love and wisdom, and freedom today... November 18 2010 ~ Meditation and prayer helps me develop clarity and purpose. I have clarity today, unlike before, and driven to ...