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Exactly one week ago it was All Saints Day.
I pulled out a bunch of songs in acknowledgement, and I am not the kind of guy to just put them back unplayed- there were too many good ones in there.
However you feel about Saints is not important, although I would be shocked if you disliked them- there’s no good reason for that.
Believe or disbelieve, it’s all just Music!
And you have to admit, it was a challenging subject for a Rock & Roll show.
Give me a Subject and I’ll give you a Series, lol!
I’ll cheat a little by using a Saint’s name, but in Spanish for a couple of songs.
That’s St. Francis’ picture above, the kindly man famously known for his love of Animals and who has many Animal and Bird Hospitals named after him, more so now than ever.
In fact, on his Feast Day you are allowed to bring your pets into Church to be blessed.
The whole point is to have fun, and I promise you will be pleasantly surprised by the number of Big-Name Musical Artists I have chosen for this episode and the next.
The first order of business…let’s get those Saints To Come Marching In!