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In this video we'll be comparing the hardware on the T-Mobile HTC Flyer to a couple of popular tablets currently on the market. The 7" size and form factor has been a joy to use vs the 10" displays of say the iPad 2 or Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. Still noticeably missing in the HTC Flyer is the lack of a Honeycomb update which would make the pen more useful. While not a problem specific to the HTC Flyer, the gap between apps available between iOS and Android systems is still quite apparent. iOS developers have still set the standard in regards to usability, capability, and functionality. Not to say Android isn't making in-roads, but the tablets today still feel very much like the original iPad - perfectly functional in the base configuration, with a lot of growth still to come. With the upcoming release of multiple Android tablets, the holiday season may bring even more to the table, thus closing the distance between these top two mobile operating systems. Personally, I would happily recommend this device, namely because of the form factor and configuration, even with it's only single core processor. If the price comes down in the coming months, then even more so. The 32GB HTC Flyer is available from T-Mobile for $399 with a two year contract from B2B sales.