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The title is expressed in this way because that is the way that cognitive metaphors are usually expressed. My claim is that the abstract concept of 'bad' that we apply to a wide range of phenomena and experiences is ultimately mapped from the embodied sensation of 'pain', and that the schema of pleasure and pain provides the template for our more general understanding of positive and negative value. Paradoxically, this capacity to make evaluations of even the most disembodied phenomena also allows us to evaluate bodily sensations such as 'pain' itself. Because we can make abstract evaluations we can apply this reflexively to the sensation of pain, judging it not in terms of its primary sensation but in terms of criteria to do with injury avoidance etc. In other words, whilst we can meaningfully say 'pain is good' we are only able to say this because the real sensations of pain and pleasure have provided us with an evaluation system with which to make this judgment.