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This is my 1st telescopic footage. Previous footages were using super telephoto lens and spotting scope. Using the EQ Mount, you could clearly see the moon moving in the FOV ("Field of View"). It was fun learning how to use RA ("Right Ascension" or terrestrial longitude), and DEC ("declination" or astronomy's geographical latitude) values. I could have gone for a go-to computerized telescope, but, this one made me learn more. Some of the key lessons I learned include setting up the telescope facing north, estimating or calculating the path of an object whether it be moon, star, or anything else, making sure the scope and tripod are leveled so that the measurement is not off. Enjoy the fun fact below: Moon Phase on Nov. 11th, 2011 The stats below is from [ ] Moonrise 5:14 PM Moonset: 7:58 AM Azimuth Moonrise: 59° Azimuth Moonset: 300° Time: 12:13 AM Altitude: 64.5° Distance: 403709KM Illuminated: 99.8% The stats below is from [ ] The following information is provided for Eagan, Dakota County, Minnesota (longitude W93.2, latitude N44.8) Friday 11 November 2011 Central Standard Time SUN Begin civil twilight 6:33 am Sunrise 7:04 am Sun transit 11:57 am Sunset 4:49 pm End civil twilight 5:20 pm MOON Moonrise 4:36 pm on preceding day Moon transit 12:13 am Moonset 7:57 am Moonrise 5:14 pm Moonset 8:53 am on following day Phase of the Moon on 11 November: waning gibbous with 99% of the Moon's visible disk illuminated. Full Moon on 10 November ...